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By Pat Doody
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Could JMS portables be the answer for TILA/adult school?

Tehachapi School Board Update


January 22, 2022

At the Jan. 11 meeting of the board of Tehachapi Unified School District, Jacobsen Middle School Principal Eric Loe, as a part of a JMS update, reminded the board that the school has over a dozen empty portables that remained after the opening of the new 6th grade wing, suggesting that the district might find a way to put them to good use. A possible answer came in the form of comments made by former Jacobsen Middle School principal, Paul Kaminski. Kaminski had also acted at Interim Superintendent until the hiring of current Superintendent Stacey Larson-Everson.

At the December board meeting, Larson-Everson suggested that the district not renew their agreement with Cerro Coso Community College when it comes up for renewal in June, a move that could force the college to find another facility or perhaps even close the Tehachapi campus. Larson-Everson felt that the facility should be used by the Tehachapi Adult School and TILA. Kaminski suggested that the Adult School and TILA could occupy the portables mention by Loe. He reminded the Board that no matter what TILA’s enrollment, the students only meet with a teacher one day a week for about an hour.

Kaminski also suggested another option. He reminded the board of the old, now empty, agriculture building by JMS that had last been used by Abernathy Charter School. Although it does need some renovation, it has two classrooms, an office and a bathroom. Another classroom with a bathroom is also nearby.

“Cerro Coso has been a good tenant,” said Kaminski, explaining that they have invested money in the facility like installing permanent signage, upgrading their own IT as well as adding a new security system, cameras and a new phone system. A TV setup was added for distance learning. The former Monroe library and TUSD board room is now a counseling center with modular walls and furniture. A kiln was installed for ceramics classes.

Kaminski reminded the board that Cerro Coso is a vital asset to the community and TUSD. Cerro Coso is part of the district dual enrollment program that allows high school students to take college level courses while still in high school. He added that Cerro Coso is exploring a more permanent site in Tehachapi or possibly creating a new campus; but such things take time.

Superintendent Larson-Everson has been instructed by the board to present a plan at the Feb. 8 board meeting.

The Board of Tehachapi Unified School District meets at 5 p.m. on the second Tuesday of the month at District Offices located at 300 S. Robinson St. Meetings are currently in person and virtual.


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