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World Wind & Solar is now Pearce Renewables

Pearce Renewables

Pearce Services, a nationwide leader in operations, maintenance, and engineering for mission-critical telecom and renewable energy infrastructure, announced its new Pearce Renewables division on Oct. 12. Over the last 15 months, Pearce has combined highly experienced talent recruited from the renewable energy industry and acquired the industry-leading independent service providers – MaxGen Energy Services (MaxGen), World Wind & Solar (WWS), A&A Wind Pros (A&A), Mortenson Energy Services (MES), and Mountain Renewables – together forming a best-in-class team. Pearce Renewables is now the nation’s leading independent service provider for commercial and utility-scale wind, solar, EV charging and energy storage assets.

“The Pearce Renewables brand signifies our ability to provide customers with a unified, comprehensive service experience at all phases of their project or asset lifecycle. Our suite of renewable energy solutions includes commissioning, operations and maintenance, engineering, spare parts and logistics, and training. More recently, and with the aid of these strategic acquisitions, we have enhanced our re-power, emergency response, and catastrophic repair or rebuild solutions,” said Daryl Ragsdale, Vice President of Business Development at Pearce Renewables. “We continue to deliver service excellence with our team of experienced professionals and Pearce’s technology-enabled platform, and pride ourselves on offering safe, innovative, efficient, and customized solutions to ensure sites are performing optimally for our clients.”

Over the past year, Pearce has continued to experience rapid growth while dramatically expanding its service capabilities. With over 1,700 employees throughout the nation servicing approximately 50,000 unique locations, Pearce is one of the largest independent service providers (ISP) in the renewable energy industry, serving a wide range of OEMs, asset owners, and operators. Pearce’s broad service capabilities and geographic footprint throughout the United States provides an excellent home for field technicians and service professionals to grow and advance their careers.

“We are thrilled to launch the Pearce Renewables brand. Our diverse team of energy industry veterans and full suite of technical capabilities, combined with the resource base and technology platform of Pearce Services, makes us the service partner of choice for the industry. Customers finally have a strategic service partner for the full lifecycle of their assets,” said Mark McLanahan of Pearce Renewables.

The Pearce Renewables brand will be fully implemented by January 2022. While the name may be changing, the safety, quality service, and professionalism of Pearce’s world-class team will remain the same. Pearce will continue to help provide a cleaner future by delivering service excellence anytime and anywhere for our nation’s renewable energy infrastructure.

About Pearce Services

Pearce Services, founded in 1998, is a leading national provider of operations, maintenance, and engineering services for mission-critical infrastructure. Pearce offers innovative, technology-enabled services for telecom, wind, solar, electric vehicle (EV), and energy storage system infrastructure customers safely around the clock. With nationwide coverage, we can deploy our highly trained technicians quickly and efficiently to provide unmatched response times, safety, quality, and consistent service for distributed, mission-critical assets. Pearce’s engineering and support teams use sophisticated software, analytics, and detailed safety plans to support our technical experts in the field. Constant innovation and close collaboration with our customers are a hallmark of our service. To learn more about Pearce Services and Pearce Renewables, visit http://www.pearce-services.com or http://www.pearce-renewables.com.