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The holiday season is a common time for potential buyers to take a step back from home shopping and wait until the new year because inventory is lower. Many potential sellers also begin thinking that it is best to hold off until after the holiday season, which can also keep inventory low. So, does that mean it is a bad idea to buy or sell over the holidays? In fact, just the opposite. Buying now may even allow you to spend the holidays in your new home, or be ready to move in right after to kick off the new year!

Buying or selling over the holiday season can be an ideal time for buyers and sellers to connect in the most successful transactions. It is typically those who are most serious that are still in the market at this time. Sellers that are listed over the holidays don't necessarily have to move out over the holidays, but many times they do or have already moved out and have a more urgent need to get their home sold. If you are a potential seller and would like the peace of mind that your home is selling or sold, but are not ready to move before you take the tree down, it is possible to agree upon a longer escrow period, or even negotiate renting your home back for a few weeks to avoid the holiday move.

Holiday buyers are often buyers who have been shopping for a while and looking for the best deal or haven't found the home meant for them. They are steadfast, and pursing just the right place. It is also possible that prior purchase plans have not worked out and now they are at it again. As you can see, the pairing of these types of serious parties can be the perfect recipe in for a successful transaction.

In Tehachapi, we also have the benefit of military, state and federal employees who are moving at all times of the year. Often well qualified and prepared, it is a fantastic opportunity for a seller to have their home actively listed, without a lot of other homes to compete with. Waiting until spring puts your home in a much bigger pool of homes to choose from and often homes that other sellers have spent months preparing for sale. These relocation buyers are more willing to buy a home from those available than be stuck renting with a likely 12-month lease.

If you are still considering buying or selling and are getting that "wait until spring" mindset, let's chat. There is a cost in waiting for both buyers or sellers and I would be happy to explore what that looks like for you.

You can contact Alysha Boles at (661) 858-7214, or visit http://www.advisoralysha.com. See her ad on this page.