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Local artist wins big at fair


October 23, 2021

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ZiYu (Anya) Hansen.

Local artist ZiYu (Anya) Hansen represented Tehachapi proudly at the 2021 Kern County Fair, among many tough competitors.

Anya is an immigrant from Taiwan and is assimilating well into American culture participating recently in the Bear Valley Springs Cultural Arts Show displaying some of her fine art and expanding her creative talents with the Tehachapi Rock and Mineral Society.

Many people have met Anya in previous years at the Tehachapi Farmers Market, and at the Tehachapi Rock and Mineral Show during Mountain Festival weekend. Anya sells her creative indoor succulent arrangements to match anyone's home decor. Shoppers at the Farmers Market in 2018 might also remember Anya had displayed a special succulent art creation: a cat holding a basket with many different varieties of succulents. This creation has since flourished and received recognition and received a First Place Ribbon at the Kern County Fair.

Anya only entered 10 items this year at the Kern County Fair with submissions in the Department Floriculture Exhibit. For her long hours of care and attention to detail, Anya was awarded six Blue (First Place) Ribbons and four Red (Second Place) Ribbons for her creative designs.

She was awarded First and Second Place Ribbons in Division 106: Cactus and Succulent Collections in several Classifications. In the Class 01 of "Collection of five or more plants in one container," First and Second Place Ribbons were awarded respectively for The Cat Holding a Basket of several succulent varieties and a cute family of Swans container. Both containers had over twelve different varieties of healthy succulents. In the Class 02 of "Small Succulent," Anya had arrange eight varieties of succulents into a three-inch milk glass sugar bowl container and for her Second Place Ribbon award she had used a geode completing its crystal formations, arranging several succulents into its small cavity. First and Second Place Ribbons awarded respectively in the Class 03 of "Medium Succulent," in Anya's arrangement of over 12 different varieties of medium-sized succulents and other plants into a ceramic swan container and in the black and white container Anya submitted one very healthy laced leaf succulent. First and Second Place Ribbons were awarded respectively in Class 05 for "Any other succulent," as several varieties of succulents were artistically arranged into a blue ceramic bowl. She then re-submitted her Elephant Plant, which had since grown, taking up the entire container receiving her red ribbon. A First Place Ribbon was awarded in Class 07 for her flourishing Jade Plant. In Division 107: Potted Plants, Class 10 of "Any other potted plant not listed," Anya had designed a succulent composition of several succulent varieties with other complementing flowering plants for a unique attractive arrangement.

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Anya has a creative, artistic style with expressions of love in the arts to succulent art. Besides tending to her garden, she is creative with her plants, succulents and colorful rocks for the wow factor. Her interests include perfecting her own signature style. Anya professionally enjoys applications of a variety of mediums: Asian Brush painting, watercolor, oil, pastel, mixed media and charcoal creations.

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This talented artist is inspired by her desire to capture the beauty of Tehachapi and other parts of Kern County. In addition to creating beautiful succulent arrangements, is Anya's love for fine art. Her inspirations using various media in painting, drawing or sculpture are without limits and sharing her gift with others is her passion and joy for those who are interested to learn art. Anya is looking forward to next year's Kern County Fair to proudly represent Tehachapi.


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