Local face painter passes the baton


October 23, 2021

Judith Campanaro face painting at the Day of the Dead Festival.

If you frequent Farmers Market here in Tehachapi you've probably seen long lines of children waiting to get their face painted. For the last several years, artist Judith Campanaro has been providing this popular entertainment at local events. Along with Farmers Market she has been a regular at the Apple Festival and many other venues, including birthday parties and company picnics.

Photo provided

Andi Hicks.

Campanaro said many of the children are regulars. They come back every year and some have even gifted her with pictures they have drawn. Face painting is fun no matter what age you are. Before Covid-19, you could always find Campanaro at the Tehachapi Treasure Trove for the annual Valentine's Wine Walk and the Ugly Sweater contest at Christmastime. "Painting adult faces was just as much fun as working with the children," said Judith.

This year Campanaro was once again at the Apple Festival. This was her last venue as a face painter, as she is passing the baton to her artist friend Andi Hicks. Andi worked with Judith at this year's Farmers Market and proved herself to be excellent at the job. The children loved her and her designs became very popular. If you want to hire Andi for a venue you can reach her at andiehicks@hotmail.com.

"It is with mixed feelings that I am giving up this fun activity. Seeing the smiles on the faces of the children always put a song in my heart. I know Andi will serve my legacy well," said Campanaro.


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