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Healthy Hippie Trading Co. and Vegan Pleasin' Café & Coffee Bar, one step closer

Health Hippie Trading Co.

Health Hippie Trading Co. hit the ground running four weeks ago and has made quite a positive impression on the community. "Everyone who comes in is very excited about what we are carrying," says owner, Sarah Rose. "They love the clothes, the crystals and other metaphysical items, the handmade crafts...everything, really. But they're also really wanting food and drinks!"

Building a kitchen from the ground up is a huge undertaking but Sarah and her husband John Nelson (aka John the Plumber) are up for the challenge. "Luckily, John is pretty handy around here," laughs Sarah, "but we still have to jump through a bunch of hoops with the health department and building department. I'm super grateful that the folks at the health department have been super helpful. They were the ones that suggested an 'interim' health department permit, one that would allow me to carry non-perishable foods and drinks. I was super excited to be able to do that fairly easily. Our permit arrived this week so expect to see vegan snacks to eat and drink."

One of the first items Sarah ordered was meal replacement bars from Off the Farm. "John discovered these vegan and gluten-free meal bars while we were on vacation in Paso Robles," she explains. "They were not only tasty and filling but they are made with quality ingredients. We are fully stocked with those now. I've also brought in vegan chocolate bars, as well as sugar-free chocolate bars for my keto and diabetic customers. As far as drinks go, the cold case will be stocked with dairy free, gluten-free meal replacement drinks, hop water and CBD infused waters."

Once the kitchen is open, the Vegan Pleasin' Café & Coffee bar will be serving specialty coffee, teas and boba. "I hadn't planned to do boba tea," Sarah tells us, "but there's been so many requests for it that I had to add it to our menu."

If you haven't been in to the store, you need to go today. Healthy Hippie is located in the Pinecone Plaza, 20418 Brian Way, Ste. #2, Tehachapi, directly across the street from Valley Oaks Charter School and in the same plaza as Kelley's Chuckwagon Café. You can reach them at (661) 822-9797.