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Q&A with local author Susie Basanda

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Local author Susie Basanda has always had a special bond with animals.

In her new book, "Lifetimes Together: An Animal Communicator's Journey Finding Her Three Puppy Angels Again and Again and Again," she shares stories of her adventures as an animal communicator.

A lover of dachshunds, the 11-year Tehachapi resident discovered her talent of animal communication in the 1990s. She began receiving answers to the perceived rhetorical questions she was asking her pups. She learned that animals often remember their past lives.

The Loop asked Susie some more questions about her book and her talent.

Q: When did you begin writing "Lifetimes Together"?

A: I began writing the book in 2012.

Q: Do you have a target audience?

A: This book is targeted to animal lovers and people who want to learn more about the animal kingdom, as well as those who have lost a beloved pet.

Q: What inspired you to write this story?

A: I decided to write the story when my dogs started coming back for their third lifetimes. I began to wonder if this information was only for me or to be shared. I asked the dogs what they thought about me sharing the information and they told me they were waiting for me to.

Q: Is there anything else you would like to add, since the book was published?

A: I heard from readers that they finished the book quickly; in some instances they could not put it down.

Q: Do you ever get calls from people wanting to communicate with their pets, here or gone?

A: Yes.

Q: Do these pets generally talk to you?

A: I always ask the pet if they are comfortable communicating with me. Most are.

Q: Is this something you want to do? And do people reach out farther than your own circle?

A: I actually have a small business for animal communication, Basanda Animal Communication. Most of my business is through referrals.

Q: Did you realize a special connection to animals when you were a young child?

A: Yes, I've always been close to animals and it started at a very young age.

Q: In your book, you indicated your friend and pet sitter has tried communicating to her dogs like you do. Do you think this is something that can be learned and practiced? Or does it work only if one is gifted in this way?

A: People have asked me if I can teach them how to communicate and I tell them I really can't. I think some gifts are realized and for me that's how I understand it. I do think that people who are close to their pets can connect with them on an intuitive or spiritual level. People have told me they "have a sense" about certain things with their animals that they just know or understand.

Q: What is your advice to people who want to be closer to their pets and find solace in their passing?

A: Probably the best advice is to observe the pet and listen to one's heart. Growing up, I was taught that pets and animals don't have an afterlife. My experience has offered me much different information. It really was experiential, something I lived through rather than heard from someone.

Q: How are you promoting your book?

A: At present it's mostly promoted through social media and my website, basandaanimalcommunication.com, plus locally at Canine Creek [a local pet store]. I have reached out to another publication, a magazine published by my college sorority and I'm waiting to hear from them. There may also be a book signing down the road.

Q: Outside of writing, what is your career?

A: Most of my career has been focused on corporate recruiting and recruiting consulting. I currently have my own recruiting consulting business.

You can buy Susie's book at Canine Creek Pet Wash & Boutique in Tehachapi and on Amazon.