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TehachaPod recap: Where does our Tehachapi wastewater go?

City of Tehachapi

Season 2, Episode 89, the topic is wastewater in the city of Tehachapi. When you flush where does the water go?

TehachaPod invited Don Marsh Tehachapi's Public Works Director and Deputy Director Tyler Napier into the studio to talk about wastewater and how our sewer system works. With some 45 miles of sewer system within the city limits there is a lot of wastewater that must be treated.

Don and Tyler explain the processes the wastewater goes through and what happens to it after it has been processed. We talk about future water projects, maintenance and free homeowner services the city provides for your sewer connections, including using a camera to identify the source of problems.

TehachaPod broke through the Apple Top 100 U.S. Government podcasts for the third time this past week, reaching number 45. TehachaPod also charted on the Apple Top 100 Australian Government podcasts reaching number 49.

"We are excited each time we see the show has broken into the Top 100 Government podcasts but charting on the Australian Top 100 left us scratching our heads. We think it may have had to do with two recent podcasts discussing wildfire mitigation," said Key Budge TehachaPod co-host and community engagement specialist for the City of Tehachapi. July has been TehachaPod's most downloaded month with more than 2,200 individual downloads.

TehachaPod is available on all podcasting platforms free of charge and is the official podcast for the City of Tehachapi. TehachaPod features Greg Garrett, City Manager, Corey Costelloe, Economic Development Coordinator and Key Budge, Community Engagement Specialist as the hosts. Find a link on our website http://www.LiveUpTehachapi.com