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When I asked Adriana and Peter Garthwaite what brought them to Tehachapi, without a moment’s hesitation, Adriana said “God.” Last September, while they were attending a Feast of the Tabernacle event at Brite Lake, Adriana said she was in awe of the beauty of the greater Tehachapi area. At the time they discovered Tehachapi, they never gave a thought to moving here. It was when a woman from a local church here gave Adriana a tour that she first thought, “what a great place to live.”

The Garthwaites had lived in Palmdale for about 12 years by the time they discovered Tehachapi. Both of them worked for Ashley Furniture where Peter was the store manager. Adriana said they actually met at work.

Adriana was still on maternity leave following the birth of their daughter Anayah when their landlord in Palmdale told them that he was very sorry but he had to sell their house. That was when Adriana and Peter started to look for a house in the greater Tehachapi area. However, everything they found was gone before they could even make an offer. It was when they finally started looking for a house in downtown Tehachapi that they discovered the Christian Store on Tehachapi Blvd. and stopped by to browse. Adriana said they visited with the owner, Jim Pendleton, for three hours and during that conversation they discovered he was trying to sell his store.

Long story short, on July 22 Adriana and Peter Garthwaite, along with members of the Tehachapi business community, cut the ribbon celebrating the grand opening of their new business venture, the Tehachapi Christian Store.

Instead of a house, they bought a 32-foot trailer, which will be home for now. Joining them most days at the store are Adriana’s daughter Jayden and Peter’s son Robbie, as well as their dogs Daisy and Peanut and an elusive cat named Nala. The couple also has three grown children who still live in the Antelope Valley.

Peter has been a musician most of his life. He was born in Upstate New York and Adriana said that before he moved to California and coming to Christ, he played at clubs from New Jersey to Florida with a band called Red Alert. He sometimes plays at the store but also repairs guitars and has started giving guitar lessons there, as well.

The store has also become a center for the collection of food and clothing donations for those in need in the Tehachapi area. Among the many books and gifts found at the store, there are new custom painted rocks with messages of faith and comfort.

Tehachapi welcomes the entire Garthwaite family and we encourage everyone to stop by the Tehachapi Christian Store and wish them well.


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