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Healing horses to painting horses

BVS Cultural Arts Association

Charisse Rudolph first showed us her art at Cross Roads Gallery in 2010, and was the March guest artist in 2021 at Gallery N' Gifts. Charisse just got back from her most prestigious show in L.A.

At the L.A. Art Show, Charisse displayed 18 paintings, sold two and donated another to Saint Jude's Children's Hospital.

Charisse changed her medium in 2018, from realism to contemporary art and she hasn't looked back. She specializes in donkey, mules and horses which are painted in bright colors with a western flare. Charisse looks for the heart connection in the paintings she chooses to paint, and her medium is alcohol ink on a synthetic paper.

Charisse first moved to Tehachapi in 2009. After her nonprofit Healing Horses & Armed Forces closed in 2017, Charisse moved back to Bishop, California. For three years while living in Bishop she spent her time perfecting her new medium and what she mostly paints is the same connection she looked for while partnering with her horses to support veterans dealing with PTSD and MST. In May of 2020, Charisse and her husband moved back to Bear Valley Springs where she plans to stay forever.

Charisse said, she learned a lot at the L.A. Art Show, she had a great time and seeing her painting, "Colors of the Wind" projected on a big screen, 20' x 20' was a rush.

"It was very cool to see my painting at a night club in West L.A. after the art show on Saturday night," she said.

She also shared that people looking at her paintings at the show expressed their love of the bright colors and the expressions of her subjects. In addition, they appreciated the paintings' statements that were beside each painting. Some people laughed, some showed tears, everyone said they felt pure love and joy.

Charisse will be showing some of her paintings at the Bear Valley Springs Cultural Art Show in September.

To see more of Charisse's art, go to her website at http://www.charissefineart.com. Prints or merchandise can be purchased on her website. If you want an original contact Charisse.