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Tehachapi blood drive results

City of Tehachapi

On Tuesday, July 27, Houchin Community Blood Bank (HCBB) joined forces with the Tehachapi Valley Recreation and Parks District (TVRPD) and the City of Tehachapi on the fifth Tehachapi-wide blood drive of 2021 for these three organizations. The drive collected 37 units of blood and had four first-time donors! More than 200 people have donated blood (potentially saving up to 600 lives) this year at the five Tehachapi drives in 2021.

"It just makes me so proud of everyone who gives of their time to donate blood, these drives have become part of who we are as a community: Caring, compassionate and not afraid to step up when someone is in need. I just want to say thank you to every person who has come out and donated blood," said Greg Garrett Tehachapi City Manager.

Houchin Community Blood Bank returns to the City of Tehachapi on Tuesday, September 21, 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. at TVRPD's West Park, 490 W. D Street.

"Every time we hold a blood drive in Tehachapi the community responds and supports the event to help save lives. All blood donated at the Tehachapi drives stays here in Kern County," said Key Budge Event Coordinator for the City of Tehachapi. Budge joined the one-gallon club at this blood-drive.

Blood donations save lives, people need blood following severe accidents, surgery, cancer and severe anemia. One unit of blood can help save up to three lives. Information on becoming a blood, platelet and plasma donor can be found on Houchin Community Blood Bank's website .