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Tehachapi Museum and Errea House Museum reopen June 19

After being closed for more than a year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Tehachapi Museum and Errea House will reopen on Saturday, June 19 from noon to 4 p.m. They will continue to be open Saturdays from noon to 4 p.m. In July the schedule will expand to Saturdays and Sundays, and eventually Friday will be added to the schedule.

On 4th of July the museums will open early at 11 a.m. Cupcakes will be served on the Errea House porch at 1 p.m. to celebrate the 48th birthday of the Tehachapi Heritage League. Please join us. There will be new exhibits, including an exhibit on turquoise that includes beautiful jewelry pieces from a local collector, specimens of various types of turquoise from around the world and samples of “fake” turquoise which is often passed off as the real thing.

Another new exhibit shows a brief history of the Capdevilles, a French Basque family that was prominent in Tehachapi’s history starting in the late 1899s. The Capdevilles operated a rooming house, which later became the Tehachapi hospital.

Major Jason E. George was a local boy who was killed in Operation Iraqi Freedom. An exhibit of his uniform and other items will also be installed in the museum. The other new exhibit features yearbooks and trophies from Tehachapi High School.

The Errea House Museum is always a favorite of visitors, including children, who are surprised at the inventiveness of turn of the century residents. The house was moved from Old Town around 1900. The fully furnished house has a unique history and is a glance back at simpler times.

For more information, call Charles White at (661) 972-0958.