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Summer at the Tehachapi Library

Friends of the Tehachapi Library

The Tehachapi Library is continuing to work toward getting back to normal.

The library is open from noon to 6 p.m. Wednesday through Friday. The Summer Reading Challenge has started up, but there’s still time to sign up. When signed up, participants are given a “craft bag” and for those that complete the challenge there will be the opportunity to win prizes. Some of the prizes include Kindle ebook readers and gift certificates for TK Pizza and the Hitching Post Theaters. There are also gift certificates for Darlene’s Real Swell Toys and Bliss Interiors. Remember, the Summer Reading Challenge is for all ages.

Other plans for the summer are an adult “Paint Along” in July and a STEAM Club with hands-on science activities for children in later grade school grades and middle school. In addition Storytime for younger children has started up again. It is currently at 11:30 a.m. on Fridays in the courtyard.

As always, the Tehachapi Friends of the Library are going to be there to help the library. The Continuing Book Sale downstairs is getting fresh books added each week, and we’re planning on starting to accept book donations again, hopefully starting June 30.

There is a lot that the Friends of the Library could use help with. There are a lot of books that came in before the shutdown that need to be cleaned and sorted. Some are being put out in the Continuing Book Sale and others are being set aside for another Big Book Sale, which hopefully will be coming this fall.

The Friends of the Library volunteers will be working before the library opens Wednesday through Friday. If you’d like to join in and volunteer to help, contact the Friends of the Library at [email protected] or (661) 750-2818. If you can’t do that, help support our library by coming in and buying books at the Continuing Book Sale or sign up for the Summer Reading Challenge.