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National Wine Day is May 25

Grapevine News

The Tehachapi Wine Growers Commission wants to remind you that May 25 is National Wine Day.

May 25, which falls on a Tuesday this year, is a day recognized to celebrate all things wine. Wine culture has been steadily growing in the U.S., particularly since the 1970s and much has been written about possible health benefits of moderate consumption of red wines. Red wines contain resveratrol, which is an antioxidant that is thought to improve heart health.

You can commemorate the day by holding your own wine tasting, open a special bottle to serve with your dinner, or get together with friends for a "just because" toast. Happy Tuesday!

You might also, use the opportunity to learn a little more about different wines, grape varieties, history of wine making or even growing grapes. Maybe have fun creating a meal that is paired with a certain wine. Choose a wine that enhances the flavors of your dish, nothing fancy is necessary. Even a hot juicy grilled burger tastes great with a glass of red.

Tehachapi is wine country. So, stock up at the wineries and enjoy the day. Drink local! And of course, responsibly.

Jim Arnold is president of the Tehachapi Wine Growers Commission and owner of Triassic Vineyards.