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Tehachapi Cancer Foundation update

Hello, fellow villagers. I thought it was time for an update on Tehachapi CANCER FOUNDATION. With no in-person fundraisers for over a year now we, like all nonprofits, are struggling. We are currently assisting four of our villagers with their financial needs. To date we have not had to say “NO, we can’t help.” We have had to scale back how much we can help; that way everyone gets something.

We can’t thank our community enough. We are relying on private donations, some social media fundraisers and a silent auction. We are blessed to have the local support. We could not make it without the support of our village.

One way we help is with pure CBD and non-CBD products to help supplement their health. All of these products are available free to our clients. We are blessed to be able to continue our mission.

Our mission statement is, “Inspired by Love, Driven by Compassion.” We make no claims to cure, treat or diagnosis. Donations can be made in several ways. By mail, Tehachapi CANCER FOUNDATION, P.O. Box 766, Tehachapi, CA 93581. Online: http://www.tehachapicancerfoundation.org. By PayPal: [email protected].

For product information for CBD products we provide please visit http://www.lifestyle4cbd.com.