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Pedestrian Safety Project construction begins

City of Tehachapi

Construction on the Enhanced Pedestrian Safety Crossing Project has begun and will impact two areas in the City of Tehachapi during the next three months.

"We are constantly looking at ways we can increase the safety of our community, by adding flashing pedestrian crossings in these two areas we are making it a little safer for people of all ages to cross the street," said City Manager Greg Garrett.

The first area under construction will be on the pedestrian crossing directly in front of Tompkins Elementary School at 1120 S. Curry St. The current crosswalk will have raised safety islands built in the center median of Curry providing enhanced safety for children using the crosswalk. The crossing will also have flashing lights controlled by push buttons on either side of the street.

"Anytime the safety of our children can be increased, we at TUSD (Tehachapi Unified School District) are going to support the city in their efforts and are grateful for the continued improvements," said Superintendent Stacey Larson-Everson.

The second area of this project will be at the intersection of Mill St. and Valley Blvd. A new pedestrian crossing will be built, featuring a flashing light with push button controls on either side. In addition, there will be enhanced striping on Valley Blvd., to alert drivers of entering a pedestrian crossing area.

The Enhanced Pedestrian Safety Crossing Project is 100 percent funded through a grant from the Highway Safety Improvement Project from Caltrans. The total received on the grant for both projects is $220,000. Both projects are expected to be completed by July 30.