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An ounce of prevention

Now's the time of year when just that ounce of prevention with our home can make all the difference in the world. Little things this time of year can make a big difference especially with summer around the corner.

Simple things such as checking the batteries in your smoke alarms. Maybe it's been a while since the filter in the air and heating unit has been changed. Just these little items can make a big difference.Assuming we don't get any snow, and that's probably a safe assumption by now, removing the tape we've put on our faucets and hoses might be a good idea.

Speaking of hoses, what about checking those hoses attached to your washer and dryer? For many of us a split hose could create a new pool in the living room where it doesn't quite belong. Hoses and lines into the water heater should be checked, as well, cleaning out the water heater may be a way to add years to its useful life.

A simple cleaning of some items in your home can make a difference. Make sure all drains are cleaned and running smoothly, if not, there are plenty of products to flush down the drain and help prevent backups. Cleaning your garbage disposal can prevent issues with clogging. Even something as simple as cleaning ceiling fans can oftentimes prevent dirt and dust in the air which can make spring allergies even worse. Cleaning your air vents and making sure there is no blockage can prevent problems down the road.

Now is also the time to spend that ounce of prevention on our lawns. Fertilizing your lawn now will bring some great rewards in a short period of time. This would also be the time to eliminate the weeds that are starting to come up in our lawns. Doesn't take much but the little bit of TLC we spend now will make it easier for us to enjoy this coming summer.

Marty Pay has been the local Farmers Agent for over 30 years in Tehachapi. He and his staff are at 212 W. F St. across the parking lot from Bank of the Sierra. They can be reached at (661) 822-3737.