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Local wellness businesses join

Long time Tehachapi massage therapist Molly Sherman has announced that she has moved her practice to Bee Good to Yourself Essential Oils Training Center located at 104 S. Robinson Street in downtown Tehachapi. Bee Good is owned and operated by Mindy Martindale, a wellness advocate with dōTerra Essential Oils International. The two women have known each other for several years as both were members of Tehachapi Mountain Valley Professionals, a local business organization. The compatibility of the two businesses was a "no-brainer."

After being located on Tehachapi Boulevard for 29 of her 32 years as a Tehachapi massage therapist, Molly Sherman was forced to find a new location. She moved to a shared space on Mill Street but ended up maintaining the large office space alone when the pandemic hit. So Molly began to search for a suitable smaller space. Bee Good had such a space. Martindale said she had personally used Molly for massage a few times several years ago and felt the two businesses were a good match.

Martindale will celebrate her tenth anniversary as a wellness advocate on May 2. She holds a Business Builder Certification as well as an Aromatherapist Certification and focuses on physical and emotional pain management. She opened her business in Tehachapi three years ago and offers free product samples and wellness consults to everyone. She teaches her customers how to use the essential oils for natural healthcare. Mindy is now looking to add a mobile element to her business – a new vehicle with a dōTerra wrap. She said she will be known as "Mobile Mindy" Essential Oils Shop on Wheels and she will post on Facebook when she is on the road so her friends can follow her adventures.

Of course, the shop on Robinson will remain open in her absence. Bee Good to Yourself Essential Oils is open Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. and on weekends by appointment. Contact Mindy at (661) 917-2332.

Molly Sherman is available by appointment. As always, she tailors her unique massage techniques to the needs of her clients whether it is the light relaxing Swedish massage or the deeper massage necessary for specific physical problems. Sherman said that at one time she was the only full-time massage therapist in Tehachapi and over the years she has inspired others to go to school and become certified. She has often been called the matriarch of massage therapy in Tehachapi. You don't have to look far in Tehachapi to find those she has touched and have followed in her footsteps.

Molly is available Monday through Friday by appointment only. Contact her at (661) 549-4266.