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Bookkeeping, payroll and taxes, oh my!

Your Tax Preparer

There are several businesses in town who provide bookkeeping, payroll and/or income tax preparation services. How do you determine which business is worthy of your trust? Our office (Moats & Hebebrand CPAs) think the answer to that question is based on how well the business meets the following criteria:

1) Length of time in Tehachapi

2) Credentials and experience of the individuals performing the services

3) Availability of the individuals performing the services

4) Attitude of the firm performing the services

May we expand on those four areas and explain why we think our firm stands head and shoulders above our competition.

Length of time in Tehachapi — Our office has been serving Tehachapi full time since 1988. Businesses come and businesses go. The proof is in the pudding. Good firms are there when you need them. They have staying power, they have experience, they are here to serve the community. The mark of integrity is to do the right thing, even when it isn’t convenient. The mark of integrity is to be there when you say you will be there and to deliver what you promise. If a quality product you can depend on is what you are seeking, then go to the firm that seeks to provide such a product.

Credentials and experience of the firm employees — D. David Hebebrand is a Certified Public Accountant. He seeks to apply his knowledge to helping his clients understand the options available to them and to comply with their legal filing requirements in a timely fashion. David’s experience allows him to fill the position of CFO for those clients who need such analysis and business or income tax planning services, or to consult with his clients when they need additional advice from time to time. David has been a Tehachapi resident since 2002 and enjoys his long association with many of his clients.

Eva D. Hebebrand, consultant, has a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting as well as a Master’s in Business Administration. She has taught accounting and computer systems for Porterville College for over 10 years. She was an University Administrator for Cal State University, Bakersfield for several years, administrating all monies in and out of the University. Eva is extremely knowledgeable in many accounting software programs including QuickBooks. Eva is able to assist individuals who are having problems understanding how to set up their accounting systems and in straightening out things that have gone wrong. She is proficient in setting up strategic business plans and helping in the preparation of tax returns for businesses.

Our firm is able to offer direct deposit of payroll checks for our clients desiring such services for their employees, and can provide electronic filing of payroll reports and payroll tax deposits.

Lynn Brooks is our on-staff payroll bookkeeper who is very proficient in handling all aspects of payroll and would be happy to discuss your payroll needs with you.

Availability of the individuals providing the services — Our office is open year round. One of the greatest frustrations we hear from new clients coming to us is that they couldn’t get an answer from a prior service provider, or that they were being charged ”delivery fees” from providers out of the area. We are here to serve the needs of our customers. If you need us, we will be there to assist you.

Attitude of the firm providing the services — Our firm has the philosophy that local service is better service. We are working with and serving our neighbors and friends. If there is a problem, we will stand behind our services and make it right. We are here for the long haul (and have been since 1988). Notice the emphasis in each category is on SERVICE. Our business cards read ”Competent, Caring & Confidential Service.” That is what we strive to provide. We have knowledgeable, well-trained employees, who strive to provide a first-class level of service, and keep what we know about you and your business within the walls of our office. The confidentiality of your information is uppermost in importance.

Why not give our office a chance to show you what we can do. We are currently accepting new payroll, bookkeeping and income tax clients. It is a perfect time to switch your accounting services to our office. Local service is better service, and you may well reduce the cost you are paying for those services since you don’t have delivery fees from out of area providers. Besides, you get warm, caring, local people to talk to in person, instead of being put on hold and talking to a person from who knows where.