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Small Business Loyalty Program considered a success

City of Tehachapi

The City of Tehachapi Small Business Loyalty Program has distributed all of the gift cards that were purchased and donated to the program bringing the program to a close on Monday, March 22.

A total of 223 $20 gift cards were distributed to the community after they displayed small business receipts that totaled $53,556.64 in small business purchases. The average purchase for all 223 gift card redemptions was $240.16 per purchase. The minimum total in local small business stimulus in the City of Tehachapi since March 1 is $57,656.64 (combined receipts and money used to purchase gift cards).

"I am just so pleased and happy the community responded to the Small Business Loyalty Program. We were able to put the focus on our locally owned small businesses and let them know they are not forgotten," said Tehachapi Mayor Phil Smith. "We hope everyone continues to shop local and hopefully this was a shot in the arm for these businesses as we know many have gone through tough and challenging times over the past year."

Local Tehachapi businesswoman Virginia Sheridan who owns both Sheridan's Boutique and Kelcy's Restaurant said, "it was a great program because it helped both our restaurants and small shops and it sent a reminder to shop local, support the mom and pops. It was a really good thing."

The City of Tehachapi invested a total of $3,000 which purchased 150 gift cards, another $1,100 in cash donations were made by individuals in the community who purchased an additional 55 cards and a total of 18 gift cards were donated by small restaurants to bring the total to 223 gift cards valued at $4,460 invested into the program. Each person who received a $20 gift card had to bring a minimum of $100 in combined small business receipts to city hall.

"The program was a huge success based on the response from residents, business owners and local donors. It really showcased the generosity of Tehachapi. A year after the first COVID-19 restrictions were imposed on this community I believe this sent a clear message that we are not only back but working towards being stronger than ever on the small business front and that is something I am very proud to be a part of," said Economic Development Coordinator Corey Costelloe.