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'Call MyTurn' vaccine registration

A small group of local women recently put their heads together and developed a campaign to get the word out about "Call MyTurn" vaccine registration. The group began passing out leaflets and is now sponsored by Field, Tehachapi Valley Healthcare District and St. Vincent de Paul.

"How it works," explains Andres Madera of Field, " is you register by calling MyTurn, follow the promps, then press 2 'Vaccination information for COVID-19.' Register for the vaccine and when it's your turn, you will get a call informing you about your appointment options and where to go to get your shot." Those eligible for the vaccine NOW will be registered on that first call and given an appointment at the nearest location. No waiting hours to speak to a live voice, or leaving a message, only never to receive a call back."

Lupe Murguia of St Vincent de Paul added that he and his wife Kathy spent many days at the beginning of vaccine availability calling different numbers listed to have the vaccine, but after a long wait and never speaking to anyone, finally leaving a message and never getting a call back. Lupe, who lost several friends to "El Virus" as it is called in Spanish, states "I give thanks every day that we now have the chance to get a vaccine that will keep our communities and families safe from the suffering of this virus."

Carlos Castellano, owner of Carlos' Donuts, recently lost his father to "el Virus" gladly agreed to post a leaflet produced by the group in his window and pass information to others. "Let's spread the word and not the Corona," added Lupe.

Lupe, who is celebrating his 90th birthday said "there is no better way to honor my life than telling "La Gente" (the people) to register and get the vaccine. After leaving Carols' Donuts, Lupe and Andres began visiting vendors on Tehachapi Blvd. Eleven businesses agreed to post the leaflet and took small handouts to pass along. Having run out of leaflets and handouts, they went on to pass out the many boxes of donuts Carlos had given them. Strict social distancing, mask wearing and sanitizing was observed.

The group will gather again this weekend to pass out leaflets in neighborhoods where the internet may not be readily accessible. Adding to the problem of accessibility is the dilemma of those who find it frustrating and impossible to navigate vaccine sites to register on the internet.

Get registered for the Coronoavirus Vaccine. Call (833) 422-4255/ MyTurn.ca.gov.

KathyMurguia is part of the group of women who came together to get the word out. Eileen Butera of St Vincent de Paul and Laurie Rude-Betts of Tehachapi Communty Church are also part of the group. They would like to deeply thank their sponsors for their support in this campaign.