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AAUW promotes equity

AAUW of Tehachapi

A primary goal of American Association of University Women is advancing gender equity through research, education, and advocacy. The AAUW Board of Directors has adopted a strategic plan to accomplish this. At the February meeting of AAUW Tehachapi Mountain Branch, Dr. Connie Brehm explained specific goals and what members can do.

Dr. Brehm is the Public Policy Director for Tehachapi Mountain Branch. She retired and moved to Tehachapi after 50 years in nursing including 22 years as professor at Azusa Pacific University. She has served on legislative committees in professional nursing associations and has provided testimony on legislation at state and local levels.

Dr. Brehm explained that AAUW is political in working for equity, but they are non-partisan. They are focused on advocating for legislation in achieving economic security for all women, high quality education, and equality in individual rights and social justice. A portion of AAUW dues is used to influence legislation, but members can help in other ways by writing letters to lawmakers and providing expertise to them.

A recording of Dr. Brehm’s presentation has been posted on the website http://www.tehachapimountain-ca.aauw.net. AAUW membership is open to any graduate holding an associate or higher degree. Dues are $101 per year which includes membership in both the State and National AAUW. Call (661) 972-6508 with membership questions.