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Maintenance or repair

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Most folks come to the chiropractor because they are in pain. Injuries new and old, accidents of many types, and the unknown pain that no one can figure out are the common reasons to come in. However the best use of chiropractic care is maintenance. Your car, tractor, and machinery all benefit from maintenance to prevent expensive repairs and so does your body. Whether you are looking to improve performance, reduce pain, or fix something that is broken, try chiropractic first. Here are a few tips to help you get back to activity now that spring is almost here.

• Warm up and cool down before and after physical activity like playing sports or working around the yard or ranch. Stretch gently and hold for 30 seconds to activate and stretch the muscles.

• Hydrate, nourish and rest. I cannot say this enough.

• Walk briskly and often to improve circulation and relieve stress.

• Turn off devices well before bedtime to relax your nervous system.

Avoid injuries around the home

When working with hand-held yard equipment, make sure that the machine you are using has a strap. Place the strap over your head and shoulder on the opposite side of your body from the machine. Switch the machine from one side of your body to the other as often as possible. Choose electric rather than gas-powered machines when possible; they are much lighter.

When you're washing dishes at home, open the cabinet beneath the sink, bend one knee, and put your foot on the shelf under the sink. Lean against the counter for support. Switch feet often to avoid strain.

When vacuuming, put all your weight on one foot, then step forward and back with the other foot as you push the vacuum. Use your back foot as a pivot when you turn. Switch sides.

Routine chiropractic adjustments keep the joints moving well and help to prevent injuries, so I recommend maintenance care for most of my patients. Affordable, healthy, convenient chiropractic care is a great addition to your routine. Call today at (661) 473-3473 and get moving!