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What's Up in Bear Valley Springs?

We have had several new cases of COVID-19 in our community recently. Several individuals have been fortunate enough to get their vaccines as well. Hopefully, we are on our way to lessening the impact of the virus and life can get back on track a little. It would be wonderful for the children and teachers (and the parents) if school classes could resume. Several precautions would need to take place for that to happen.

The Association has announced, with deep regret, that the dining room at the Oak Tree Country Club is temporarily closed. Even though it was offering curbside service, not enough orders were coming in to justify keeping it open. To avoid heavy expense to us, the property owners, we had to take this step. The Mulligan Room is still available for pick-up. You can order by phone or online, and you can choose to eat on the patio but there is no service out there.

Trenching has begun in Cummings Valley to prepare for generator hook-ups for the wells to service Paramount, Deertrail, Jacaranda, Ridgeview and Oakflat. Now, if we can just not have any more power shut-offs until this happens, these properties will be properly serviced. The CSD has received five generators.

They have also been replacing guardrails at dangerous curves on Jacaranda, Deertrail, Skyline, Paramount and Saddleback. For more details, check with the CSD newsletter, Bear Necessities.

Till next month, wear your mask, get a shot if possible and stay safe. We don’t want to lose anyone.

Bear Valley Springs is a private gated community in which the residents pay an annual association amenities fee. To participate in the above events, a non-member or non-resident must arrange with a friend or family member in the community for a guest pass that would permit them to engage in the activities. Guest passes will be checked.