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Keeping business local

In this year of COVID-19 and "red tiers" and "purple tiers" it's sometimes hard for businesses to keep up with the demands of staying open. All this while making sure customers and employees are safe. This opening and closing makes it even more important to shop locally.

Local businesses bring desperately needed jobs to the community. Many businesses have done an incredible job maintaining employees with government help such as the Payroll Protection Plan and a local plan administered by the county of Kern.

Many businesses have become increasingly creative in ways to accommodate their clients and the new laws. Local restaurants have opened outdoor areas while keeping the majority of their indoor facilities closed. With the possible change in our tier we may also change back to more of an outside seating arrangement. This might be an issue for some businesses because as the last week has shown us, we're headed into winter. Many businesses may have to stay open but with their front doors closed due to the higher rating. But again, the important thing is keeping everyone employed and safe!

The other obvious advantage to keeping business local is how it recirculates monies throughout the community. People who are employed in the community then have funds to spend in the community. They can buy groceries locally, they then can bank locally, buy their insurance and other needs locally. This perpetuates employment in the community and the cycle just increases and increases.

Everyone from local government to businesses and employees have been pulling together. With everyone on the same page local business will not only survive but thrive during the pandemic. We'll all come out of this in a better position than before but in order to do that we need to support each other and support other local businesses.

Marty Pay has been a local Farmers Insurance Agent for 30 years. He and his six employees all live locally in the Tehachapi area! They are located on 212 W. F St. across the parking lot from Bank of the Sierra downtown.