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5 questions with local author Kay Bryant

Words from the Author

Tehachapi author Kay Bryant became a teacher after graduating college.

As an educator with 32 years in the field, she taught a variety of ages from elementary school to university level. As an ESL teacher, she traveled the United States and also worked as the director of Berlioz Language School in L.A.

Bryant recently released her book, "Your Promised Life," which has allowed her to continue her teaching, this time through memorizing scriptures.

Kay answered a few questions about her book and the inspiration behind it.

Q: When did you begin writing "Your Promised Life"?

A: During April and May, during the COVID-19 shutdown.

Q: Do you have a target audience?

A: Christians, young adult and up.

Q: What was your inspiration for this devotional book?

A: I alphabetized promises of God to help make memorizing promises easier. Then I did one promise per week and added five devotions per week to reinforce, explain and add to the weekly promise.

Q: Why is memorization so important when it comes to devotionals?

A: Memorization is important to be spiritually strong and mature.

Q: In light of COVID-19, how do you think your book could help people during this uncertain time? Do you think the timing will have a greater impact?

A: Well, the response I've received from friends who are reading it is that is has been helpful to them during this time.

My hope is that the reading, understanding and scriptural reinforcement of promises of God will be comforting and reinforce the hope we should have at this time.

You can find Bryant's book on Amazon or locally at Tehachapi Christian Store.