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Tehachapi purchases back up generators

City of Tehachapi

On February 20, the City of Tehachapi was awarded a $300,000 grant from the California Governor's Office of Emergency Services (Cal OES) as part of their PSPS Program.

The City of Tehachapi purchased two large backup generators that are trailer mounted. During the 2019 PSPS events in Tehachapi the city rented backup generators to make sure all essential services would be uninterrupted.

"Once again the City of Tehachapi staff has scored major points in obtaining a $300,000 grant which they used to buy massive backup generators which can be used during a PSPS power outage. The City will be better prepared for fire season and power outages," said Tehachapi Mayor Susan Wiggins.

The program allowed municipalities to use the grant funds toward the purchase of equipment and or planning for PSPS events. The generators purchased are a 250 kw and a 70 kw mounted to trailers to be utilized as a backup source of power for essential services during power outage events.

"These generators will help ensure the City Water and Wastewater infrastructure continue to operate during power outages," said Don Marsh, Public Works director.