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At the end of June, Diana and Robin Blair moved to Tehachapi from Bakersfield with their cat Moscato in tow. They are now looking forward to Robin's expected retirement from Chevron where he has worked for the last 20 years as an HSE professional (Health, Safety and Environment). Not only were they attracted to Tehachapi's natural beauty and change of seasons but one of their sons is an area resident.

Diana and Robin had spent many years in Odessa, Texas before moving to California. In fact, Diana was born in Kermit, Texas where her dad worked for Mobil. Kermit is near the little town of Wink, the home of country star Roy Orbison. She said her dad used to drive her around in his Corvette. From 1968 to 1980, Diana's family lived in Lovington, New Mexico and that is where she went to school.

Although Robin originally came from Oxnard, California, he was living in Levelland, Texas when he met Diana. The town is located just west of Lubbock and Robin's father was a fireman there. Robin was working in the oil industry. Diana's parents owned a bakery nearby and she worked there.

The Blairs have two grown sons, two grown daughters and six grandchildren. Diana says that all four of their kids grew up on dirt bikes and Robin still rides with the boys when he can. Robin flies remote controlled airplanes and is thrilled that there is a field nearby their new home.

Diana is a "crafter" and quilter with a sewing room "to die for." She also sews garments, crochets, likes to garden and cook, so she will never be short of things to do. The prior owner of their house left them with 10 chickens, so there is no shortage of eggs. Also on her list of favorite things is playing Bunco.

The Blairs are members of the SASS (Single Action Shooting Society) and participate in Cowboy Action Shooting competitions. Their home range is 5 Dogs Creek outside of Bakersfield. Robin is known as "Pan Handle Red" and Diana as "Calico Blue."

Welcome to Tehachapi Diana and Robin!


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