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JC & Laney return for online concert, Aug. 21

Fiddlers Crossing

The logo for the duo, JC & Laney, reads, "Heart 'n' Soul & Rock 'n' Roll." That's the perfect summary for this dynamic musical duo who will do an online concert on Friday, Aug. 21 at 7 p.m.

The concert will be presented on the Fiddlers Crossing Facebook page. As with all shows of this kind, it is free for anyone to enjoy but the venue strongly encourages donations via the links that will be posted during and after the concert.

JC & Laney are high-energy entertainers, with improvised banter, signature harmonies and memorable songs that run the gamut between folk, blues, pop, rock and comedy. Together they write, sing harmony and perform their own compositions, with two voices and one guitar.

JC Scott, from Long Island, New York, cut his teeth in front of crowds during the Classic Rock Era, playing guitar and singing with such musicians like Arlo Guthrie, Lindsay Buckingham, Kenny Loggins, Chuck Berry and Weird Al Yankovic. Before meeting Laney Greynolds in 2009, he had already written and recorded five solo CDs.

Laney has been using her powerhouse of a voice to sing traditional country, gospel and rock music since she could breathe. She has recorded with many artists in her career, as well as being the lead singer and driving force of the classic rock band Saddletramp.

Together, JC & Laney have performed at house concerts, state fairs, festivals and venues including Fiddlers Crossing back in 2017. The emotional delivery of their original style of acoustic folk-rock-Americana music will leave you feeling you have found some new best friends!

For more information and to hear samples of JC & Laney, visit http://www.fiddlerscrossing.com. To access the concert, simply visit Fiddlers Crossing on Facebook a few minutes before 7 p.m. on Aug. 21. Donation links will be provided.