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Sky's the limit for local Build-a-Plane project

Paul Nafziger of the Tehachapi Society of Pilots' Build-a-Plane student project was kind enough to ask me to witness the taxi test and engine run-up for the project airplane on June 29.

As a pilot I was jazzed to be there, and it was great to see Paul run up the engine to 2760 RPMs and taxi the Zenith aircraft. It was cool to see all the pre-flight checks and watch one of the students checking the fuel for water and any particulates in the fuel.

Many experienced members of the Society of Pilots were on hand to show their support. It has been a team effort all the way with this project. All went very well with the operations of the aircraft, and no issues were found.

When this project is completed, this aircraft will be used to teach young pilots to fly and help get kids interested in aviation, math and science. I can't think of a better way to promote these skills.

Again, I want to thank former fighter pilot and test pilot Paul Nafziger for asking me to be there to cover this great milestone with this project. I am looking forward to being there to see the first airborne test fights of the Zenith airplane.