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A pineapple with no name

Most of us know the song about a horse with no name but we here in Tehachapi have a pineapple with no name and we need your help to fix that!

Tehachapi Natural Market, located at 20221 W. Valley Blvd., has a new mascot but it needs a name. Owners, Teresa Dunlop and Sarah Rose are asking for your help.

"I keep calling it 'Mr.Pineapple'," Sarah laughs, "though why I think of it as a male, I don't know especially since my step-daughter is the person inside the costume!"

Sage Nelson, Sarah's step-daughter and the human inside the giant pineapple, doesn't mind a male sounding moniker but she isn't too keen on "Mr. Pineapple." She's really hoping for something a bit more catchy and appealing. But before we address the name issue, we want you to know how this whole pineapple costume thing came about.

"Well," Sarah explains, "I keep hearing from people that they don't know about the market. We've purchased banners and flags but they still aren't seeing us! I jokingly made a comment about needing someone outside with a sign like the pizza guy on the corner. I had barely finished my sentence when Sage piped up and said she would do it. She even volunteered to wear a costume."

To understand why anyone would volunteer to wear a costume and dance out on the street holding a sign, you have to know Sage. She is a professional dancer, actor and a certified personal trainer. When COVID-19 hit, her industry was shut down.

"It was devastating both personally and financially," Sage said. "I had been living in Santa Clarita and working in L.A. when the Coronavirus shut everything down. I decided it was a good time to move to Tehachapi and spend some time with my dad and help him with his business, John the Plumber. When my step-mom mentioned the sign idea I jumped on it. It gives me a bit of an outlet for my energy. I put on my earbuds, crank up my favorite music and get to dancing. It's fun to see how many people I can get to honk at me as they drive by."

Doesn't it get hot? She laughed, agreeing that it can be pretty toasty in the costume.

"Luckily, I decide when I want to work and for how long. If it gets too hot I just call it a day," she said.

Dancing around curbside isn't all that Sage does. She has a personal training business, as well as teaching dance. You can check her out at http://www.SagePersonalTraining.net and follow her on Instagram @sage.training.

Now, what about that pineapple with no name?

Go to the market's Facebook page @tehachapinaturalmarket.com and submit your suggestion. There's a contest post made especially for this. The winner will receive a $50 gift card to the market. Thanks for your help!