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Tips to keep your pups happy during 4th of July fireworks

Canine Creek Pet Wash & Boutique

The 4th of July is right around the corner. While it can be a relaxing day of barbecuing, watermelon and fireworks for us, it can be the opposite for your pets. The loud booms and vibrations that accompany annual firework displays can cause fear and anxiety in dogs and cats.

Here are some things to think about to ease their stress when fireworks start:

1. Give them a safe spot: If your pet has a comfy and safe place to hide, like a crate or closet, it will help to lower their anxiety.

2. Create your own noise: Counteract the sounds of booms and exploding fireworks with your own familiar noises. Turn up the television, music or another kind of "white noise" just enough to distract your pet, but not so much it hurts their ears.

3. Desensitization: Some pets have been able to get past their fears by listening to similar noises during calm moments. Prior to the holiday, begin to train your pet by playing the sounds of fireworks or thunderstorms at a quiet volume, then slowly increase the volume.

We get many visits from pet owners this time of year who are looking for products and advice to help with noise anxiety. Some of the products we suggest include a variety of calming chews and snacks, as well as lavender and chamomile scented sprays. We also sell thunder shirts, which are vests that add slight pressure to the torso of the dog. This vest adds a hugging-like comfort, similar to swaddling an infant. Currently, one of the more popular choices is our collection of CBD oil products for pets, including "edibites" and oils.

If you know you're going to go out and you know they are going to be around fireworks, think ahead. Maybe give them something before the anxiety is going to come on. Also, if you can, just keep them inside. Make sure their I.D. tags are current. They are so important. If you don't have a tag, get a tag. Everybody thinks that because they are microchipped they are safe, but nobody is open at midnight on the 4th of July. So many dogs that come in here to be checked for chips do not have tags. Give your pup some extra hugs this Independence Day.

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