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Council approves new CDBG agreement

Tehachapi City Council Update

For the last 15 years, Tehachapi has partnered with the Kern County Community Program Department to receive Community Development Block Grants (CDBG) from HUD funds to be used for projects that will eliminate blight and blighting influences, and benefit families and neighborhoods in the low to moderate income range as defined by HUD.

The agreement is for three years and needed to be approved by June 19 to continue the program. At their June 1 meeting, the Tehachapi City Council voted unanimously to continue the agreement.

Development Services Director Jay Schlosser said the City receives about $50,000 every year from this program which they save to do about $150,000 in projects every three years. The City also budgets for an additional $40-50,000 annually for these projects. The most current example of a CDBG funded project is the new sidewalk and fencing along H Street and safe pedestrian rail crossings at Green Street and Davis Street.