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Camel kisses and reindeer smooches

Windswept Ranch

Sometimes things just don't work like you planned. I think with all that has happened this year, we all know that.

When we decided to close the ranch for a year we had no clue this would happen. We just wanted to create a better ranch for the animals and a better experience for you. We worked really hard in 2019 to make that happen despite torrential rain, freezing snow, horrific winds and more recently, extreme heat.

Heading up to April, everyone involved was so excited and proud of the work we had done. Then ... yeah, sometimes things don't work the way you planned.

From my perspective the petting zoo business has not worked this year, with cancellation after cancellation, and so far, the reindeer have no work for the holidays. I rely on that work to care for the animals. It is a terrifying place to be and there have been times I really didn't know if I could even feed the critters, but somehow they have never gone without.

I know so many small businesses are going through the same thing. The struggle is real and this is a time when dreams are dying. But not mine. Someday, I will add a unicorn to the ranch and invite you all out to meet her.

And while we still don't know exactly what will happen moving forward, we do know that sharing the ranch with all of you is so very important to us. So we have a plan for June.

We invite everyone to visit the ranch and get a preview. Every Saturday in June, the ranch will be open for drive through viewing from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. starting June 6. There will be no charge for this, but we do invite you to help out by donating toward the feed fund.

It won't be the same but we will make it as educational as we can, and you can still get kissed by a camel from the comfort of your car, feed a reindeer, a yak and even our wonderful ride pony Charlie Horse.

And who knows? I might just get that unicorn.