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The Forde Files No. 203

Tehachapi rocks – In his presentation to the Greater Tehachapi Economic Development Council on Nov. 5 at the Slice of Life Enrichment School, Tehachapi Economic Development Director Corey Costelloe reported that the median single-family home sale price in the city of Tehachapi is $265,000, compared to a median price of $663,110 for homes in Los Angeles County. The overall price per square foot is $173.89 and the average price on new construction is $340,000 for an 1,800 square foot home. The median income is $69,313 in the city. Fifty-three percent of the population is in the young family 25-to 54-year-old "money demographic."

In 1981, the city's population was 3,000 and there were no stoplights. The population had doubled to 6,000 by 1990, and the first stoplight was installed at Tucker Rd. and Tehachapi Blvd. The number of residents increased to 11,000 by 2000, and the move to revitalize downtown began. The 2010 census showed a population of 14,000. In 2019, the population is 14,709. With statewide prison realignment, there are 3,000 fewer inmates than in 2010, so the hard numbers of residents has increased. [Tehachapi annexed the prison in 1992, so it is part of the city.]

On a national level, "there is no stress indicator out there" to forecast a looming recession, Costelloe said. "The U.S. is finally going to get a fair shake out of China."

Challenges to economic growth include the need for more housing, taxes, the push for split roll taxes (splitting off commercial properties from residential to lose Prop 13 protection) and "state supported madness" that produces deliberate power outages.