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Techachapi says a sad goodbye to pet groomer Dorrie Walsh

We Tehachapians adore our animals, both large and small – our cats and dogs, hamsters and horses. And we deeply appreciate all those who help us care for our four-legged family members – our skilled veterinarians, pet sitters and groomers. Sadly, Ms. Dorrie Walsh, proprietor of "The Groomer," located on South Street, is closing her business after serving the Tehachapi community for the better part of four decades (since 1981). Throughout all those years she has clipped, brushed, washed and, well, put another way, pampered thousands of our furry friends, along the way becoming an institution of sorts in our town.

That Dorrie's many clients loved her work and care for their pets is illustrated in their wonderful testimonials to her. The testimonials speak to Dorrie's kindness, the commitment she had for the animals in her care, and the trust that so many willingly placed in her; others insisted that they could hardly imagine going to anyone else for their pet grooming and were deeply impressed by just how much Dorrie loved what she did. Over the years, she became friends with several celebrities, including Steve Irwin and Jack Palance. Dorrie was particularly close to Jack and, on one occasion, he was sitting in her living room when a deer pranced right through the house. Jack, of course, found this somewhat bewildering but Dorrie reassured him that it was nothing to worry about, as she purposely left the door open for the deer to come in!

Those of us fortunate enough to have enlisted Dorrie's services know that pampering our pets is just one of her many passions, which also embrace raising and caring for exotic Siberian and Canadian lynx cats, as well as North American bobcats. Indeed, for many years she would bring a lynx or bobcat (or two) into her shop, so we could gawk in wonder at the regal animals. Moreover, as any visitor to her shop instantly recognized, Dorrie is also a proud patriot, her establishment filled for years with framed photographs of our men and women in uniform. Both of her sons, Richard and Michael, served in the Marine Corps, and Richard continues to serve in the Army Reserve.

We will miss you, Dorrie Walsh, and seeing your bright red Hummer – no doubt another of your passions! – posted "menacingly" in front of your shop. We Tehachapians thank you for your decades of kindness and care for our pets; and we wish you the very best in all future endeavors, which, as you explained, will include continuing to care for your family of bobcats and the one remaining Siberian lynx at your two-acre home in Stallion Springs.

[Editor's note to Dorrie: Thank you for supporting our pet section. You will be missed. - The Loop newspaper staff.]