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Raceway Solar Project in the works

Rotary Club of Tehachapi

Tanya Martinez, representing sPower, was the June 18 speaker at Tehachapi Rotary. Martinez, who has an M.S. in Energy Engineering, was accompanied by Russell Johnson of South Valley Solutions of Bakersfield to help field questions. She outlined a new solar project sPower has planned for the Antelope Valley. The Raceway Solar Project is planned for the Rosamond area, located south of Rosamond Blvd. and the Willow Springs Raceway. The 400 megawatt (MW) solar farm will consist of 1,854 acres and is expected to be completed by December of 2022.

The Raceway Solar Project will supply approximately 600 Kern County jobs with estimated wages totaling $26 million. Over the lifetime of the project, sPower will contribute at least $7 million in tax dollars to Kern County that can be used for police, fire, education and other services. It is expected to reduce carbon dioxide by approximately 600,000 tons per year having a positive impact on air quality.

Martinez said the Environmental Impact Report (EIR) is currently before the Kern County Board of Supervisors. The company is emphasizing that they give back to the community by donating thousands of dollars annually to local charities, education and other services.

sPower operates over 160 solar and wind farms including seven projects in Kern County. They are currently the leading owner/operator of renewable energy assets in the region. For more information on the Raceway Solar Project check their website at https://racewaysolar.spower.com

Tehachapi Rotary Club meets Thursdays at noon at The Shed, 333 E. Tehachapi Blvd.