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Special screening of the documentary 'Secret Ingredients'


July 6, 2019

Tehachapi Natural Market will host a special screening of the documentary “Secret Ingredients” on Saturday, July 27 at 7 p.m. at 20221 Valley Blvd.

This is a free screening. Reservations not required. For more info visit or call (661) 823-4087. Seating is limited, please bring a chair. Run time is one hour 20 minutes.

“Secret Ingredients” asks questions posed by an exasperated parent whose family was poisoned by GMOs and herbicides in their food. “Why is a chemical company in charge of food?” In this controversial documentary, “Secret Ingredients” airs the dirty secret that chemical companies have purposely hidden over the decades: that their products are toxic to crops, insects, animals and humans.

Directed by Amy Hart and produced by Jeffrey Smith, a leading anti-GMO consumer advocate, “Secret Ingredients” is a riveting documentary that shares the heartrending stories of people unknowingly exposed to these toxins. The film chronicles the journey from tears of sadness to joy. Life-limiting medical problems dissolve after they discover a simple way to regain health—by eating non-GMO and herbicide/pesticide-free food.

“Secret Ingredients” is a must-see for anyone who has or knows of the wide-range of deleterious medical conditions that could be attributable to these chemicals. This documentary is so explosive that the top five chemical manufacturers as well as the FDA, USDA and the EPA declined to be interviewed. “Secret Ingredients” is a game changer for the public and potentially a life-saver.

This screening is hosted by Tehachapi Natural Market.

For more information please visit or


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