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How well do you know the Tehachapi theater scene?

Tehachapi Community Theatre Spotlight


November 24, 2018

Josh Crisalli

Beekay Theatre located at 110 S. Green St., in Downtown Tehachapi.

Did you know, the original BeeKay marquee was the first neon sign in Tehachapi when the theater opened in 1936? The City of Tehachapi had an exact (although more proportional) reproduction made for the BeeKay reconstruction in 2008.

In honor of Tehachapi Community Theatre's 50th anniversary, here are five trivia questions about theater life in Tehachapi.

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Question 1: What does the BEE and the KAY stand for in BeeKay Theatre?

A. Bell & Kalyan

B. Beech & Keller

C. Baumgart & Kanstien

Question 2: In what year was the BeeKay constructed?

A. 1936

B. 2008

C. Both

Question 3: Where did TCT make its first home?

A. TAPA - now the Slice of Life Enrichment School building

B. Wells School Auditorium

C. The current downtown location of the BeeKay Theatre

Question 4: Who was Tehachapi Community Theatre's first board of directors president?

A. Bill Mead

B. Al Crisalli

C. John King

Question 5: What two plays in the current season were past hits with TCT audiences?

A. "Young Frankenstein" and "Sherlock Holmes and the Case of The Christmas Carol"

B. "The Little Foxes" and "The Foreigner"

C. "Oliver!" and "Camille"

(Scroll down below this article for answers.)


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