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Local artist takes home ribbons from Kern County Fair

Local artist ZiYu (Anya) Hansen represents Tehachapi proudly for the second consecutive year at the 2018 Kern County Fair among many tough competitors. Anya is an immigrant from Taiwan and is assimilating well into American culture, participating in the arts and in the Tehachapi community.

Many people have met Anya at the Tehachapi Farmers Market. She sells her creative indoor succulent art arrangements to match anyone's home decor. Shoppers at the farmers market might remember Anya had displayed a special succulent art creation, a cat holding a bowl with many different varieties of succulents. This creation received a First Place Ribbon for most unusual container at this year's Kern County fair.

Anya had entered 12 items in the Floriculture exhibit, Division 116 Cactus and Succulent Collection and Division 117 Potted Plants. She received seven First Place Ribbons and four Second Place Ribbons. Anya was surprised to be honored by the Bakersfield Cactus and Succulent Society receiving their special "What We Liked Best" Award and a check for $25 for her potted plant Beaucarnea recurvata (Ponytail Palm).

Anya has a creative, artistic style with expressions of love in the arts. Besides tending to her garden, she is creative with her plants, succulents and colorful rocks for the wow factor. Her interests include perfecting her own signature style. Anya playfully experiments with a variety of mediums, including Chinese Brush painting, water color, mixed media and pastel or charcoal creations.

At this year's Kern County Fair, Anya tried something different and entered a new media into the Fine Arts exhibit. Anya had entered two Pastel drawings and one Charcoal drawing. Her winning pastel drawing titled: "In his Image," depicts a man's face with bold facial features with flowing white hair and a beard. Her winning charcoal drawing is titled: "Morning Glory," and depicts a young women's face with a sleepy morning smile as if awaking to the aroma of fresh flowers and peaceful thoughts. Both drawings received First Place Ribbons.

This talented artist is inspired by her desire to capture the beauty of Tehachapi and other parts of Kern County. In addition, to creating beautiful succulent arrangements, Anya's love for fine art and her inspirations using various media in painting, drawing or sculpture are without limits. Anya is looking forward to next year's Kern County Fair to proudly represent Tehachapi.ed