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By Pat Doody 

New businesses approved by Planning Commission

Planning Commission Update


August 18, 2018

Pat Doody

Planning Commission from left: Charles White, Daryl Christensen, Ken Wright and Linda Hollinsworth.

Two new items of note were brought up before the Tehachapi Planning Commission at their Aug. 13 meeting. Dan Proffitt from Bakersfield presented the design and site plan for a commercial truck wash and repair shop adjacent to the Pilot/Flying J Travel Center on Steuber Rd. Before submitting the project, Pilot/Flying J had to notify all area indigenous tribes of their plan asking about objections and supply a CEQA negative dec. With the completion of the truck wash, Valley Blvd. will be paved on the south side of the project. The project was unanimously approved.

Western Propane Services presented a proposal for the construction of a 1,960 square foot office and repair shop building on J Street, across the street from Protech, Enterprise Rent-a-Car and Airstreams. The project will also include an 18,000 gallon propane tank. Steve Brown from Western Propane was available to answer questions. Jeff Duff from Airstreams Renewables, Inc. questioned the increase of truck traffic on J Street as SCE trucks come and go all the time. Brown said that his traffic would be bobtail trucks mostly in the morning and evening. The facility will be open to the public during the day and a 1000 gallon tank will be available for retail use.

Neighbor John Rombouts had concerns about fire and water line capacity. Development Services Director Jay Schlosser said that the Home Depot line will be available to this property. He added that "If Kern County Fire says it's OK, I will agree." Brown said that "there has never been a permitted propane tank blow up in the United States."

California has the most strict regulations regarding propane," said Commissioner Ken Wright, and approved the project as long as the propane is stored in compliance with state regulations. The Commission voted unanimously for the project to move forward.

Due to the Tehachapi City Council's inability to appoint two members to the Planning Commission, the Commission is still short one commissioner. However, all commissioners welcomed Linda Hollinsworth who was chosen by the City Council. Hollinsworth has governmental experience with the City of Hawaiian Gardens in the Los Angeles area.


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