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New faces at Windswept

Windswept Ranch

Things are always changing here at Windswept. There are happy moments, then sad, then happy.

This time of the year, we are always happy to welcome new babies. We have lambs on the ground and they will steal your heart.

But happy is on overload this year. There are new faces here that were not a part of a plan, but instead came as big surprises.

Last July, I went on a road trip with my Grands to Texas. I rented a car instead of driving my van to help me behave because Texas is a dangerous place for an animal lover. I was doing great until I went to visit a friend and there he was: Waldo! If you have never seen a baby water buffalo, you probably cannot understand how hard I worked to fit a kennel in the back of my little rental car, but I did it!

The beginning of December a friend called and said she was heading to Missouri and was there anything she could pick up for me. I jokingly asked for a Scottish Highland cow. But the joke was on me when Spice arrived. Now, a bottle baby is a tough thing to have during reindeer season, so Spice was copilot on a number of trips with me.

And then, there was the call from San Francisco Animal control. Seems a young couple found a baby javelina (wild pig) in Mount Shasta and brought it home to their apartment in San Francisco! (That might qualify them as crazier than me.) After a few months they figured he was just too wild for an apartment and surrendered him to animal control. The thing is, javelina are native species and restricted, so Animal Control called Fish and Wildlife to figure out what to do with him and next thing I knew, I was driving to San Francisco to pick up Spike. This guy is full of energy and we will be looking to build him a bigger facility down the line but for now, he is safe here at the ranch.

Then, last month, I saw a post on Facebook. The same friend that brought me the Scottish Highland was selling a camel – a ride camel! Now if you didn't know, we are doing sunset rides here at the ranch and need more ride camels. So welcome home Matara (Matty). But, you won't be getting a ride anytime soon on Matty. We are eagerly on baby watch waiting for our first baby camel to be born here at the ranch! When it happens, we will definitely be posting a birth announcement in The Loop.

You never know what you will find here at Windswept, but right now, you can visit and fall in love with the lambs, Waldo, Spice, Spike and Matty, as well as all of the amazing animals here at Windswept.

Our theme this year is "Get Close", so come on out and do just that. We open April 7 and will be open every Saturday from 10 to 4 p.m., through October. Directions: From Tehachapi take Highline Rd., East to Tehachapi Willow Springs Rd., turn right and go 11 miles to the "OPEN" banner and turn right up the dirt road. For reservations or questions call (661) 809-3965. #getclose