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Cutting carrots means you will always have a friend at the Ranch.

So what's it like to volunteer at Windswept Ranch? If you volunteer, be prepared to experience something very special.

There are many unique volunteering opportunities at the Ranch:

You may choose to lead visitor tours at the Animal Education Center's open house on Saturdays from April through October. You would have the special opportunity to share information and stories about many of the animals calling Windswept their home, including yak, bison, zebu, zebra, camels, emus, donkeys, and reindeer.

You would share the excitement of people engaging with the animals in a joyful, peaceful environment where hurried fast paced lives are on standby at the visitor greeting and sign-in center.

You would observe photos being taken with the animals. These photos are valued treasures of the visitors and often shared on social media.

You would get the opportunity to see firsthand how animals change people. Whether it is a special needs child, someone getting their first camel kiss, or a senior living out something on their bucket list, you become part of it.

There are many other volunteer opportunities such as working directly with the animals, feeding, grooming, cleaning animal enclosures or leading the animals with children through the ranch's special "Test Drive".

Maybe your volunteering interests might include working on special projects such as construction of new animal pens, water environment areas, replacement fencing and maintenance or assistance with designing and building a new, exciting project to be announced in the very near future.

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Perhaps you would like to be a greeter and sign-in person at our visitor center welcoming new and repeat visitors with the latest ranch information, including new animal resident additions.

If you like visiting and getting to know new people, you might be perfect for sitting in our picnic area and cutting carrots and filling buckets for purchase at our visitors booth.

There are so many other opportunities such as helping with advertising and marketing, website development, online presence, fund raising, grant writing – The list is endless.

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Sharing stories about the animals while leading a tour.

If you do decide to volunteer in whatever capacity, know that you have contributed to making a difference in the lives of very special animals and that you may, in fact, even discover a little difference in yours as well.

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We would love to meet and invite you to attend one of our orientation meetings for volunteers being held at the ranch on March 10 and March 17 from 9 to noon.

Questions? Give us a call at (661) 972-1901.


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