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By Tanya Spencer
Mindful Meditation Teacher 

Mindful Wellness at the Tehachapi Senior Center


Mindfulsness is waking up to the present moment, not being in an altered state of consciousness.

Who can benefit from Mindfulness? Anyone who can breathe!

Too often we’re worrying about the future, ruminating the past, or checking off our to-do list to truly be alive, to be aware of what is actually happening in our lives.

Mindfulness brings the body back to a relaxed state, allowing all the bodily functions and processes to perform at their best. Science has proven that this brings healing to the body in many incredible ways.

Some of the Health Benefits of Mindfulness Meditation

• Stress/Anxiety Management

• Pain Management

• Depression Management

• Improved Immune System

• Improved Cognitive Skills

• Improved Relationships

• Behavior/Emotion Regulation

What Tanya wants to offer at TSC is an approximately 30-45 minute class (longer if there are questions or discussion), half of which would be teaching a concept of mindfulness, the other half leading a mindfulness meditation.

Classes will be on July 28, Aug. 25, Sept. 8, and Sept. 22 at 10:30 a.m. at the Tehachapi SENIOR CENTER at 500 East F St., Tehachapi.


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