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New again

Windswept Ranch

Every year, we get to start over. We call it NEW Year. It is a chance for a fresh start.

There is just something about that word, NEW.

Maybe it is remembering getting NEW shoes when you were a kid getting ready to go back to school. They made you feel taller. You had more spring in your step. They made you feel NEW.

Who hasn't been excited as an adult by a NEW car. The smell, the feel of the steering wheel in your hands, the thrill as it accelerates.

NEW is good.

And nobody does NEW like Windswept Ranch. NEW is happening here all the time.

We have finally finished the NEW camel and zebra areas and can't wait to show them off. Tire Mountain has a NEW look and there are benches added all over to create rest stops along the tour route. Our sheep area has been updated and will add so much to the tours. The "Test Drive" also has a NEW look. We are putting up a NEW, permanent sign on Tehachapi Willow Springs Road to help folks find us easier.

And that's not all that is NEW; baby reindeer last spring, baby alpacas in the summer, and now NEW is busting out all over.

Our beautiful Navajo Churro have given us a beautiful little lamb. The spotted Jacobs surprised us with a pure white baby. And the Mouflon: What can I say? Two beautiful baby girls. Life is good at the ranch, and it is always NEW. And there's more.

That is why we are so excited to be opening again for our 6th season of tours. We love sharing the animals and their stories and teaching how they help humans in everyday life. The animals love having visitors. They are so excited to meet new people. It is, to say the least, magical.

So if you haven't been yet, come on out. If you have, remember, there is a lot of NEW at the ranch, but the days and hours are the same: Saturdays only, April – October, from 10 to 4 p.m.