Amazing partnership for cancer patients in Tehachapi


Exciting news for the Tehachapi CANCER FOUNDATION. We were approached by Kevin Burton, President of the San Joaquin Community Hospital Foundation. Kevin picked up one of our brochures at Lemonade Locks located inside the AIS Cancer Center.

Kevin called me to set up a meeting to see how we could work together to help the citizens of Tehachapi in their cancer journey.

We received a complete tour of their state-of-the-art facility dedicated to cancer care treatment. Some very unique and specialized equipment is located there, with highly credentialed oncologists an and amazing staff.

Here is how our relationship will benefit each other:

• Event support: Help with sponsorships for events, with participation from AIS team members

• Fuel card program: Fuel card will be available to patients who need the support traveling to and from the AIS Cancer Center for their appointments

• Meal Vouchers: Meal vouchers/hotel stays will be provided to patients who need assistance in that area through the Josh Farler Fund which is associated with the AIS Cancer Center.

• Nurse Navigator: The newly opened Breast Center at the Quest Imaging building on the SJCH campus has a Nurse Navigator who will be helping all patients diagnosed with breast cancer through their entire journey

• Counseling: Available at the AIS Cancer Center for all cancer patients

All AIS Cancer Center patients will review their particular needs with a Social Worker at AIS Cancer Center.

This relationship allows the Tehachapi CANCER FOUNDATION the opportunity to help more Tehachapi cancer patients with various means of support: utility bills, co-pays, car repairs and other unexpected things that show up.

This is a major step forward in helping the citizens of the greater Tehachapi area. We are very pleased to make the business relationship. I see big things to come.

The Tehachapi CANCER FOUNDATION would like to thank Kevin Burton of the San Joaquin Community Hospital Foundation and the AIS Cancer Center at San Joaquin Community Hospital for their support.


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