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A Letter From A Reader

A friend brought the Loop hometown community paper, July 5 issue, back to me after a visit to Tehachapi knowing of my fond memories. What caught my eye was the article welcoming the Novingers back to the Apple Shed.

I moved to Tehachapi from Prescott, June, 1996 to take a job at College Community Health, which had a different name then. April 1999 I was offered a job at AVH in Lancaster more to my professional passion, education and training. Shortly thereafter it became clear that the commute was way too much, and I had yearned for such a position so I moved to Lancaster.

Lancaster cannot match the beauty of the hills, cattle in the meadows along 58, nor the small town flavor which welcomed me to Tehachapi in 1996. I missed The Apple Shed, which could not be matched. How wonderful having breakfast on the deck with trains roaring by. Then there's the sailplane airport, which whetted my memories of flying, and which offered lots of space to walk my dog Blackye.

When I moved to Lancaster I kept coming back to Tehachapi just to get "that old time flavor" that I thirsted for. The sailplane airport area remained the same, and memories of those wonderful early morning walks with Blackye, who has since passed. Soon I would loose my desire to go to the Apple Shed; it had become to touristy. Also, sometime during that time they lost Michael, through death, who for all intent and purpose was "Mr. Apple Shed," as far as I was concerned.

Now that the Novingers are back I can't wait. I'm so looking forward to "that old time flavor" of a small community.

By the way Michael's picture use to be hung on the wall next to the double doors as you leave. I hope it is still there.

Ann Gassaway, Lancaster, CA