Fathers are the Cake

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Here it is... June again, and here I was again – trying to think of a subject for my bi-monthly article in the Loop.

While sitting here pondering subject matter to write about, I realized Father’s Day was once again right around the corner. In all my years of writing this column, I have never written about Father’s Day. There is a reason for this.

You who regularly read my writings know that I generally write about things that are important to me or subjects that are close to my heart. Unfortunately, my father is neither of those things. There are many reasons for the state of our father/daughter relationship, none of which I care to share in this forum.

That said, I feel I have done a disservice in not honoring all the wonderful fathers out there, including the father of my own children.

The world is full of loving, generous, dedicated and hard-working fathers who are committed to caring for their families.

These amazing men are there day after day, year after year for their children.

The great dads of this world work tirelessly to meet the needs of their families. They are the coaches of little league baseball and soccer. They are the fixers of flat bicycle tires and the makers of kites. They are the barbeque kings and the campfire starters. They are the grass cutters and the tooth pullers. Dads teach our sons how to be men, and our daughters how to be treated well by men.

I always say that dads are the cake and moms are the frosting, so here’s to cake!

Peace and blessings to all.


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