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By Cathie Sibley
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The Big Five-0

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Well it’s happened; I’ve made it to the middle, the top of the hill, the big five-o. Today is my fiftieth birthday. It seems strange to say it out loud…or in my head for that matter.

I was thinking yesterday, my last day of being forty-nine about the things I’ve learned in the last fifty years. Here are a few of them:

Sometimes being friends is more important than being right.

Possession really is 99% of the law.

Life is better with a best friend.

Money won’t make you happy and the overwhelming desire for it can make you very unhappy.

Don’t take more than you need because someone else may need some too. If you must continually apologize for your behavior, you should probably change it.

People never change for someone else, they only change for themselves.

There are far more kind people in the world than there are mean ones.

Being generous is far more rewarding than being selfish.

Coloring with Crayons is fun no matter how old you are.

There is beauty and goodness in everyone, sometimes you have to try a little harder to find it.

Being inpatient doesn’t speed anything up… ever.

Sometimes you just gotta go with the flow cause paddling upstream is exhausting.

The serenity prayer really works.

You never learn from someone else’s mistakes, you only learn from your own.

Just because a love doesn’t last forever doesn’t mean it wasn’t real.

There really is a fine line between love and hate.

Sometimes ya just gotta let go.

Sometimes we treat the ones we love the worst.

A hug always makes you feel better.

Forgiving is easier than you think.

Sometimes you injure yourself doing nothing at all.

Life doesn’t get easier as you get older; it always has it’s ups and downs.

You never have all the answers.

You don’t need to know the reason for everything.

Gravity wins.

I hope I learn as much in the next fifty years as I did in the first fifty, but I hope some of the lessons are a little easier. Unfortunately, from my experience, easy lesson is an oxymoron.

Peace and blessings to all and may your life lessons be easy to learn.


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