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Tehachapi Christian Arts Fellowship Update and Cast Call!

The Tehachapi Christian Arts Fellowship was put together last August to give Creative Christians a safe and encouraging place to, well, create.

Since then we’ve all been busy and as a result, we have a number of projects humming along, some, or perhaps all, may benefit from your involvement.

The first is a play. Two of our members, Gail Martin and Dorothy McReynolds, are in the final stages of scripting it. Valerie Provines will direct.

To assure we’re on the right track, we’d like to put on a reader’s theater for an audience of about 20 of all ages sometime in February.

If you’re an actor or would like to be among the 20 to give us your opinion, email us at the address below.

Our second is for those who want to write a memoir; who feel that elements of your lives would be instructive and interesting to others.

On Feb. 5, at 7 p.m., at the Tehachapi Christian Store, we’re going to put on a two-hour, mini-seminar on “How to Write a Memoir that Matters.”

Our goal here is to help you construct a foundation upon which you can then build your memoir.

Sign up with Susan Palmer at the Tehachapi Christian Store or email us at the same address below.

Our third – we want to hear from Christians who are writers and photographers, both adults and teens.

We have a project in an embryonic stage that we’d like to get off the ground very soon that needs you. We also would like to hear from attendees at our various churches and independent ministries who would like to act as a contact.

This contact would let us know what events and ministries are planned over the coming weeks or months.

Casting Call below!

Finally (for now), TCAF is starting a Pod Cast - “Creative Christians.” Among the variety of elements is a “Christian Soap Opera,” or serial – an ongoing, character driven, Tehachapi based, fictional audio-play (like old time radio) that will entertainingly explore contemporary Christian issues. This is a cast call!

Actors of all ages, sound effects technicians, anyone with radio experience, writers and directors – but especially ACTORS, please attend the open audition 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., Saturday, Feb. 8, at the First Baptist Church in the back of the campus.

Remember, Pod Casts are like “radio.” No memorizing lines, just acting.

We have a first episode script and will be auditioning from it.

We’d love to hear from you first at the email address below.

Interested in any of these activities either email us at [email protected] or come to our Monday night meeting, 6 to 7:30 p.m. at the First Baptist Church toward the back of the campus.